Rolf Hartung - Tech Supply Chain Conference 2020

21-22 September 2020

Rolf Hartung

Rolf Hartung Founder, Talent Management Academy

Rolf Hartung is founder of “Rolf Hartung: Talent Management Consulting” and certified as “NLP Master and Trainer DVNLP” & “Coach DVNLP” which focus on Human Change and Communication. As Certified Trainer, he holds a certification as “Project Manager” from the George Washington University, Washington, USA.

With over 20 years of experience, he certified other instructors and drove a “Coach the Coach’’ Program. One of his special features lies within Organizational Development where he designed effective training programs for users across multiple responsibility levels and cultures. It includes the Development of Competency Profiles, Skill Driven Development Programs and the implementation of Premium Skills People Development Programs for different kind of jobs and their levels based on the Lominger Competencies as well as to evaluate training effectiveness.

His training programs and expertise range across a variety of bringing people to the expected competency level or to the next level of possible promotions.

An additional asset is his long lasting experience in providing training in and making use of Neuro Linguistic Programming, to create and deliver Leadership & Communication Trainings, in close relation with HR. Most of his professional projects have been concentrated in People Development and Organizational Development accompanied by proven Leadership and People Management Skills Training.